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Biofuels / WVO, inc. offers a variety of Filtration equipment for the Waste Veggie Oil application for low flow application (1-2 GPM) using the PBH series plastic housings as well as larger non-metallic vessels and even multi round metal vessels for very large flow applications.

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For the Biofuel Producers Filtersource has access to a variety of technologies (Not all shown on this site) which can address a variety of different filtration processes, such as:

  • Filtration of feedstock such as cold pressed seed oils for pure vegetable oil.
  • Filtration of clay, carbon and silica absorbents from refined oil.
  • Removal of Haze and sterols from methyl ester (Biodiesel).
  • Filtration of glycerin to remove solids or activated carbon.
  • Final product filtration.