Filtersource.com is your trusted provider for authentic Hayward filtration products, including the renowned SB and DB Series basket strainers, and the durable Polypropylene FLV series bag filter vessels.

Our extensive selection of Hayward strainers come in various materials such as PVC, CPVC, and GFPP, which are compatible with FPM and EPDM seals, and are available in socket, threaded, and flanged end connections. Strainer sizes range from 1/2" - 8" for PVC and CPVC, and up to 4" for Eastar and GFPP. Each Hayward strainer comes standard with a plastic basket, with optional metal baskets also available.

At Filtersource.com, we specialize in providing high-quality filtration solutions that are designed to increase your operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and ensure maximum value for your investment. With genuine Hayward products and customized solutions, you can trust us to meet your specific filtration needs.

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