We provide efficient and reliable filtration and purification solutions for the semiconductors and microelectronics industry. Our cutting-edge filtration technology ensures that even the smallest particles are effectively collected, ensuring smooth and safe operations for your business.

Semiconductor Applications

Our extensive range of products include solutions for:

CMP Slurry Filtration

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) is a crucial process in the semiconductor industry used to planarize and polish semiconductor wafers during the manufacturing of micro-electronic devices. In CMP, a semiconductor wafer is subjected to both chemical and mechanical forces simultaneously to achieve a flat and smooth surface. The process involves applying a chemical slurry containing abrasive particles onto the wafer and using a polishing pad or disk to remove material from the wafer surface. CMP helps to remove imperfections, level different layers, and improve surface topography, making it essential for creating precise and high-quality semiconductor devices. Filters remove unwanted large hard particles in CMP slurries that can land on and scratch the wafer surface, while allowing engineered working particles in the slurry to pass through the filter.

Ultra Pure Water (UPW)

Ultra Pure Water (UPW) refers to highly purified water that undergoes advanced filtration and treatment processes to remove impurities and contaminants, achieving an extremely high level of purity. UPW is crucial in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, where water quality standards are stringent. The purification of UPW involves multiple stages of filtration, such as reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and distillation, to eliminate particles, ions, dissolved solids, and organic compounds. UPW is free from contaminants that could adversely impact industrial processes, equipment, or final products. Its ultrapure nature makes UPW ideal for critical applications where even trace amounts of impurities can have detrimental effects, ensuring optimal performance and reliability across industries that demand the highest water quality standards.


In the dynamic landscape of the microelectronics industry, Photolithography stands as a cornerstone process, facilitating the creation of intricate patterns on microscopic scales. This indispensable technique involves transferring precise designs onto substrates using light, enabling the production of advanced electronic components. Filtration plays a pivotal role in this realm by ensuring the purity of chemicals and solutions vital for the photolithography process. By employing efficient filtration solutions, manufacturers maintain a clean environment, free from contaminants that could compromise the integrity of their semiconductor devices. Filtration safeguards against impurities, allowing for the production of high-quality, reliable microelectronic components that power modern technological advancements.

Wet Etch and Clean

Within the microelectronics industry, Wet Etch and Clean processes are vital in manufacturing electronic devices with precision. Wet Etch involves selectively removing layers from semiconductor wafers using liquid chemicals, while Wet Clean focuses on removing contaminants or residues from surfaces through chemical solutions. The significance of filtration in these processes cannot be overstated. Filtration ensures that chemicals used in Wet Etch and Clean procedures are free of impurities, particles, and other contaminants that could compromise the outcome. Clean and pure solutions facilitated by effective filtration guarantee the quality and reliability of microelectronic components, ultimately enhancing the performance and yield of semiconductor devices in the fast-paced realm of micro-electronics manufacturing.

High Purity Gas

In the intricate world of the micro-electronics industry, High Purity Gas plays a crucial role in various manufacturing processes, ensuring the quality and reliability of semiconductor devices. High Purity Gas refers to gases that have a high level of cleanliness and low levels of impurities, making them essential for critical applications like deposition and etching. Filtration plays a key role in maintaining the purity of High Purity Gas by removing contaminants, particles, and moisture that could negatively impact the semiconductor manufacturing process. Effective filtration solutions are essential in ensuring that the gases used in micro-electronic fabrication remain free of impurities, enabling consistent and precise execution of processes, and contributing to the production of top-quality electronic components.

Clean Room Air Filters

Clean Room Air Filters play a critical role in the micro-electronics industry by maintaining a controlled environment essential for semiconductor manufacturing processes. These filters are designed to remove particles, contaminants, and pollutants from the air within clean rooms to ensure a high level of cleanliness necessary for sensitive electronic fabrication. Filtration is paramount in clean room environments to prevent airborne particles from adversely affecting the production of micro-electronic components. By implementing top-tier filtration solutions, manufacturers can uphold stringent cleanliness standards, prevent defects in semiconductor products, and enhance overall yield and quality in the fast-paced micro-electronics sector.

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