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Citadel PTFE Filter Membrane Cartridge

by Graver
$ 1,510.94
SKU CTL0.05-10P3T

All-Fluoropolymer Cartridge Filters for Aggressive Applications.

The Citadel pleated membrane cartridges feature a PTFE membrane and PFA structural components to provide excellent chemical and temperature resistance for aggressive chemical applications such as etchers, strippers, cleaners and bulk chemicals. The all- fluoropolymer construction provides for the highest level of fluid purity and will exhibit rapid rinse-up to 18 MΩ-cm resistivity and single digit ppb levels of TOC. Citadel filter cartridges are produced and manufactured in an ISO cleanroom and are 100% integrity tested to ensure performance standards.

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  • Manufactured, flushed, tested and packaged, in an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Environment
  • Filters are flushed with 18 MΩ-cm DI water to ensure low extractables and low particle shedding
  • 100% integrity tested to provide reliable performance
  • Resistivity rinse-up to 18 MΩ-cm and single digit ppb TOC levels with minimal throughput
  • Pore size ratings of 0.05, 0.1 and 0.2 micron to meet a broad range of applications
  • Wet-Pack option available to eliminate the requirement for solvent pre-wetting in aqueous applications

  • Agressive Chemicals
  • Etchers
  • Strippers
  • Cleaners