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PD Series Water Absorbing Filter Cartridge

$ 111.15
SKU PD310-12-C

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The Hillsorb Dryer Cartridge provides highly effective filtration to remove water and particulates from oils.  It gives high performance in applications where moisture control and filtration efficiency are of primary importance including insulation, hydraulic, lube and fuel oils.  The cartridge permits higher flow rates at lower pressure drops, and also features a high filtration efficiency beta ratio.

This cartridge allows more gallons of oil to be processed with fewer changes.  High dielectric strength and greater stability for transformer oils.

Hydraulic equipment is protected from water damage while longer life is assured through filtration efficiency.

  • high water holding capacity
  • efficient particulate removal
  • low initial pressure drop
  • high flow rate
  • flow shut-off at saturation

  • Insulating oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Fuel oils
  • Lube oils