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Z-Plex RO.Save Filter Cartridge

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The ROsave.Zs filter is uniquely engineered for water treatment applications, where fine silt particles contribute to the fouling tendency of reverse osmosis equipment. It is unequaled in capturing and holding water contaminants at lower pressure loss and longer life than most comparable filters. Beneath the filters’ non-loading shell, the fibers and 3-dimensional web produce a multiplicity of debris-ensnaring voids. In subsequent layering, Z.Plex technology’s proprietary fiber construction creates an increasing number of smaller voids all the way to the core, maximizing filter life and silt removal efficiency. The inner core is formed as a final filtration layer for minute micron-level filtration. The core structure is bonded for unparalleled integrity, downstream cleanliness and rigidity without the presence of a support core. Similarly, the extremely porous yet bonded outer surface finish prevents the migration of loose fibers and provides a refined, clean appearance for applications where purity is critical.

  • Enhances SDI reduction and contaminant removal
  • Offers up to twice the dirt holding capacity and filter life
  • Minimizes pressure drop by up to half
  • Finished shell provides refined, clean appearance
  • Provides superior structural integrity without a support core
  • Maximizes time between change-outs
  • Designed to reduce labor and overall costs
  • Specifically engineered for RO pretreatment
  • Pure polypropylene construction;
  • NSF Standard 42 certified

  • Automotive 
  • Beverage 
  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical 
  • Chemical 
  • Dairy 
  • Electronics 
  • Food 
  • Laundry and Washing 
  • Metalworking 
  • Mining 
  • Petroleum & Gas 
  • Municipal Power 
  • Pulp and Paper 
  • Seawater Desalination 
  • Textiles