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A letter to our customers regarding Coronavirus

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To our customers,

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we at Filtersource.com, Inc. are aware of our customer's concerns regarding potential impacts in the supply chain of our products.

We are monitoring the situation that is arising from ​the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We hold the welfare of people first and foremost and recognize that there could be potential business impacts. Early identification of risks and open communication are the strongest defense to avoid disruption.

The large majority of our manufacturers are located domestically here in the United States, and the majority of raw materials used to make our filtration products are sourced domestically as well.

In addition, we have put into action necessary risk mitigation protocols such as suspending all unnecessary business travel. We also have the capability of running operations remotely if need be, using electronic collaboration tools.

Presently all of our manufacturers and suppliers that we have reached out to are currently fully operational, and are working diligently to make sure they remain that way. As all of you understand however, the COVID-19 impact is not always predictable, and there could be local authorities limiting their ability to produce, depending on the severity of the infection.

As we continue to monitor and engage with our supply chain and operations to ensure business continuity to our customers, any customer that may be impacted with a delay will be contacted directly by us with specific details. For those of our customers who could be impacted by any plant shut down or decline in inventory, we recommend providing us with additional orders now. Please work with your Filtersource sales representative to make sure you have adequate inventory during this period.


Glenn Clancy Vice President

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