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Current State of the Industry

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Lead Times

There is currently a nationwide shortage of filtration media. Covid-19 has brought unprecedented stress to production lines across the entire manufacturing industry, exasperated by staffing limitations to avoid virus transmission and absenteeism. In addition, shipping carriers are experiencing their own hardships. Quoted lead times are our best approximation of when the items are available to send out but are never definitive. Please be advised lead times may be longer than estimated due to unforeseen circumstances by our manufacturing partners. Many of which are unfortunately outside of our control. At, we do our best to serve our customers to improve processes and streamline logistics. Our goal is to be transparent and proactively communicate issues from manufacturing. Please be proactive with future orders by factoring in increased lead times to keep your business running fully. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we strive to achieve our promised ship dates in these unprecedented times.

Updates on Polypropylene

Our team at has started to receive potential price increases around Polypropylene filters due to various factors. In February across Texas, Louisiana, and the other Gulf states, the recent deep freeze caused almost 80% of polypropylene resin manufacturing to be offline for more than a week. Manufacturers are still assessing damages; however, we have begun to receive letters communicating the storm’s full effects.

We will do our absolute best to serve you and communicate these potential increases for future orders proactively.

Future Rush Order Policy

To expedite an order to a RUSH status, we will require the order to ship via Next Day Air at the customer’s expense, preferably by collect account. It is unlikely that Filtersource will have the ability to provide accurate estimates of a carrier’s rate, as we are not billed until after a shipment completes.

We will inquire if any of our manufacturing partners have any other requirements. Be advised that additional surcharges may apply depending on the type of order. Please be proactive and forward-thinking in your communication with us to avoid potential charges.

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