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Unleash the Power of Filtersource 2.0

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Mike Roberts

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Hi, I'm Mike, CTO at Filtersource.com. 👋

We understand the process of finding, ordering, and managing industrial filtration products is critical to your success, so we're passionate about making it seamless and efficient for you. When we embarked on our journey over 60 years ago, we were a small family-owned business in Upstate New York. Since then, we've grown into a global supplier providing technical expertise and equipment to thousands of customers worldwide.

Today, we're thrilled to introduce the next chapter of our story: the launch of our new website. Filtersource.com emphasizes a tech-forward and customer-centric approach, designed with you—the hero—at its core.

Unlock the Power of Filtersource 2.0: Smarter, Faster, User-Friendly

Our revamped website—Filtersource 2.0—is your gateway to a seamless, efficient experience. We've equipped it with easy navigation, powerful search functionality, and a personalized experience to save you time and effort. Use search to instantly cross-reference millions of OEM part numbers, access your complete account history, or place an order to get you back up and running again in a single click.

Placing the Control in Your Hands

By investing heavily in technology and adopting a data-first approach, we've ensured you have full access to the information you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Our team of software developers and engineers is unique as we handle all our systems development in-house, which sets us apart from other companies of our size. Using automation and cutting-edge AI tools, we're able to build the best experience possible from the ground up. We're drastically increasing our technology and continue to add new features to benefit our customers every day. With Filtersource 2.0, the power is in your hands to find the answers you seek quickly and conveniently.

Register Your Account Today for Unrivaled Access

To fully harness the benefits of our partnership, register your online account now. If your business has previously worked with us, we will automatically verify you using your email address. Your online account provides direct access to your company's history, quotes, orders, invoicing, and the latest customized pricing on products you've purchased before. We understand timing is crucial for a successful operation in the constantly evolving manufacturing industry. With your Filtersource.com account, you get access to everything you need, and fast.

We're Live and Waiting for You

Our new website is live and ready to serve your needs! Register your account today to discover the power and simplicity of our intuitive user experience tailored to industrial filtration.

Let's Shape the Future Together

Filtersource 2.0 marks a significant step towards a future where technology and customer needs align. Explore our new website and be empowered to conquer your filtration challenges. As we continue to refine and augment our offerings, we value your feedback as a crucial part of this journey. Together, we can evolve and make Filtersource.com even better.

To the future of filtration,

Mike Roberts, CTO

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