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Air Filtration and Cannabis Cultivation

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Proper air filtration is essential to growing healthy cannabis crops and keeping both the plants and people safe. Growers who want to ensure a successful harvest should consider investing in an air filtration system for their grow rooms. There are different types of air filtration systems engineered specifically for grow rooms, some target air quality and mildew prevention while others are designed to help with odor control. The unique demands of your growing environment and local regulations will determine which type of air filtration system is the best option for your grow room.

Racetrack air flow pattern in a cannabis grow room.

Air Quality

Many growers only rely on ventilation systems to maintain their air quality. Ventilation systems help prevent stale air and replenish CO2, but they are not capable of protecting grow rooms from threats like mold, insects and powdery mildew. Air filtration systems are essential for maintaining a strong defense against contaminants and airborne bacteria in grow rooms. The type of air filtration system required depends on the growing environment and the specific concerns a grower wishes to target, whether that be odor, mold and mildew, or both.

Odor Control

A unique challenge cannabis growers may face is odor control. Cannabis plants develop terpenes as they grow which produce a pungent aroma. While many may enjoy the smell of cannabis, problems can arise when local communities issue complaints against the smell. Without proper odor control plans, growers risk being sued or even shut down. Additionally, cannabis terpenes are classified as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as they evaporate easily and release molecules into this atmosphere. Some studies have shown that these molecules could potentially contribute to ozone smog and air quality issues if not properly controlled.

As cannabis cultivation continues to be legalized across the United States and North America, new regional and local regulations are being established in regards to cannabis odor. In many areas, odor mitigation plans are now required to obtain a growing license. Air filtration systems are essential to odor control as they use activated carbon and HEPA filters to help eliminate odor while still protecting your plants from mildew and contaminants.

Mold and Mildew

Fungus, mold and mildew are major concerns for cannabis growers. Mold and fungus are dangerous threats to cannabis plants and if not handled right away they can destroy an entire crop. One of the most common threats to the cannabis plant is white powdery mildew. Powdery mildew appears as a white fuzzy-looking substance on the leaves of the cannabis plant. Once the leaves are infected the mildew can quickly spread to other areas of the plant, including the buds, making the plant unusable. Once a plant is infected, there are limited solutions to solving the issue. That plant must be removed immediately and surrounding plants should be inspected to ensure the mildew did not spread.

The most effective way to avoid mold and mildew issues is by prevention. Air filtration systems are the best solution for preventing powdery mildew and other types of mold and fungi from infecting the plants. High capacity V-Bank HEPA filters are used to eliminate any airborne threats in the grow room. These air filtration systems draw contaminated air through the filters where the air is cleaned before being released back into the grow room.

Other Threats

Insects and bacteria also pose a threat to cannabis plants. Insects, like spider mites and gnats, can cause damage to the plants if allowed to breed and live in the grow room. Additionally, bacteria can destroy a crop. Dangerous bacteria can lead to spots or speckles on the leaves, unusual scabs, or wilting of the plant. The best defense against both insects and bacteria is to get rid of them before they have a chance to reach the cannabis plant. Air filtration systems produce air exchanges by drawing the air in, capturing particulates and releasing clean air. Since the air is constantly circulating, it reduces the possibility for insects and bacteria to breed and thrive.

Filters now offers air filtration systems designed with cannabis cultivators in mind. You can choose from the Cleanroom Series, Odor Series, or Smoke Series. These filtration units are available in various configurations, depending on your specific grow room needs. Whether you are looking to prevent powdery mildew or need to establish an effective odor mitigation plan, we can offer a solution with these air filtration systems.

Odor Series air filtration unit.

Interested in a quote? Submit an RFQ here with information regarding your grow room air filtration needs and our filter experts will be happy to help find you a solution.

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